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Monday, March 7, 2011


A few weeks ago I attended a chapel service at Asbury University to hear a good friend of mine speak. My friend’s name is Nathan Waggoner. He and his wife, Cydil, have been two of my favorite people since I first met them in 1999. They currently serve as the World Gospel Mission student center directors at Asbury University.

Recently, Nathan and Cydil adopted their second child from the country of Albania. In the past, I had only known Albania as the obscure country Superman had returned from after giving assistance during an earthquake and the place where a fake war was staged in the movie Wag the Dog. Through Nathan, Cydil, Ellie, and Reni, (their two children), Albania has become a central location on my world map. (In fact, I’d say I now know more about Albania than I do about North Korea or Iraq.)

Nathan’s chapel message was one of the most beautiful messages I have ever heard. Nathan spoke on his experience of adoption and what it has taught him about God. It is simple, yet extremely profound. It is convicting, yet beautiful. It is a message I wish everyone could hear.

Fortunately for all of you who were not in chapel that day, Asbury records their services. For this blog, instead of trying to put together words and thoughts of my own that will only fall short of what Nathan had to share, I want to share with you Nathan’s message on adoption. The podcast can be found at the following link. It is about 35 minutes long and is the best 35 minutes you will spend today:

Be challenged. Be encouraged. Be assured in who you are as an adopted child of God. 

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  1. Thanks Jonathan for your kind words. Thanks also for your involvement in our adoptions through reference letters and trips to Shriners as well as just the encouragement you and Faith have been to us! When I think of the brotherhood of believers, I think of our relationship with you!
    How do junior-highers sign their notes? LYLAB "Love you like a brother!"