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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in Review

As 2011 quickly approaches, I thought I’d take some time to review the past year of this blog. It has been, and will long continue to be, a work in progress, but I have found it to be a blessing and hope that you have too.

The following posts could be considered the “greatest hits” of the blog for 2010. These were the most viewed posts, and continue to gain traffic weekly:

I was also pleased to have a couple of guest posts during 2010 (and hope to have more in 2011, maybe even by someone not named Tom):

Tom Fuerst – Preaching is Foolishness 
Tom Baker – Bogged Down by Logistics 

A few people asked me to do some guest posting, which can be found here:

I am excited for all the possibilities 2011 brings for my own writing development, theological inquiry, and mutual growth with other bloggers/readers. If there are any topics you would like see addressed on this blog, please let me know. (Especially if they are topics concerning Christian worship.) If I don’t think it is a topic that I will adequately be able to address, I will be sure to find someone I think will. Also, if you would ever like to contribute to this blog by guest posting, please let me know and we can talk further about the possibility.

Thank you to anyone who does take time to read this blog. I tell my wife weekly that even if my blog had no readers, I would continue to write. This has been a form of discipline and method of processing thoughts and research for me. It has been very beneficial for me, and I pray that it has for others.

Blessings to you, and here’s to all that 2011 will bring! 

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