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Sunday, January 17, 2010

So the reluctant blogger's blog begins...

So yeah... here I am finally starting my own blog. Fallen into the pressures of pop-culture have I? Possibly.

Regardless, I have started this site where I can pretend not only that I am an amazingly talented writer, but also that my opinions are the greatest things ever demised. (Okay, I admit, that was a pretty cynical statement.)

Anyway, let me explain what has led me to find such a home for my wonderfully inspiring musings. To be honest, it boils down to the fact I decided blogging would give my facebook friends a break.

You will find, if you continue to read this blog, that I love to analyze movies, music, books, and Christian worship. (Great combo, right?) But even more, I love talking about these subjects with others. (And I also seem to really love parentheses.)

However, just because you are my friend (especially a friend on facebook whom I knew once, have now networked with, but still never talk to you), it does not mean you want to hear my ramblings on cinema, literature, music, Christianity, and life in general. So instead of being that annoying guy that uses facebook as my passive-aggressive sounding board, I have reluctantly decided to create this blog. (However, this does not mean that I will not continue to post my thoughts and opinions on facebook. I just hope that this blog can be a good and safe place for reflection and discussion.)

So, here we go. For years now I have been reluctant to start a blog, (I have mentioned that already, right?), but I guess there can be a first time for some things in my life. And with that, I will close this first post of a new blog where I hope there will be many great discussions and musings to come.

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